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December 10, 2010


Gagan Deep Singh is a classic RS fool !
He needs to re-introduce himself to life ...

Hi the9thGate ... when do we meet ?

I m agree with u bro.' Babaji is a lord for us

I cant believe what your saying how dare you your just lucky our babji tells us not to do anything

nirmula, if you don't believe what is said in this post, you should present your reasons for why it is wrong. What evidence do you have that the guru didn't make $250 million?

"your just lucky our babji tells us not to do anything"

--So, what would you do nirmala? Cut off the head of the blog host if your babaji said to do something? Would you?

I am from india and and going to marry a person who belong to satsang community..he never replies to my questions like are your guru is equal to a god? Is your community a different religion.once he denied to enter into a temple ..will it make him less satsangi?

Why a person need a guru doesn't he have his own mind and think rationally..

If he is a rssb satsangi he can freely enter any temple
but perhaps he felt unconfortable.

Myself I was sitting in some houses of devotian for doing some relaxation
but hara krishna with their noise
nor new borns cristians and jehova witness i wouldn't do :)

If He is not nice to you , don(t marry him :)
but I know that might be difficult with arranged marriages
Seems a father with 4 daughters will be bankrupt for hindus
but not for muslims ??

Only gurus who can prove they are God, , , are God, ( to the person they give that proof )
Everything else is at best Hope & Faith with 99% fake gurus around,

But you can delete gurus who ask money or make advertising and are unable to provide substantial happiness

I wish you a beautiful mariage


One thing for sure is,
he needs to understand what you like to and love to do.
Everyone should be very open to it in fact.
If someone can not go to a temple with you,
just because he follows a Guru,
and especially that going to temple will give you happiness,
he surely needs to grow up there and take things maturely.

I am from India and I've been initiated by Babaji
and my wife doesn't believe in the RSSB philosophy and I am all happy with it.
I never ask her to attend discourses with me.
She occasionally does go along with me especially to have my company and the outing for a few hours ;)

She loves to go to temples and I have been visiting temples with her.
Some temples are really beautiful and very calm places.
We go out to temples and gurudwaras and we always have great time.
I am not presenting myself an example (will never do, thus anon.)
But you can surely tell him about such practical approach and explain this comment as example.
And also tell him that visiting temples and other religious/spiritual places is a good thing and not at all being told by RSSB to not to visit.
The harmony and peace at home is the first thing everyone should strive for.

The next thing:

Whether Guru is required or not ?
Well, I would say that you both should respect each others' views on it.
If he believes in his Guru, let him be happy with that, and you shouldn't force him to leave this path.
If you do not believe in Guru, you both should be happy with it, and he shouldn't try to force you at all to follow the path.

My opinion on the subject:
(I do not impose this opinion on my wife.)
Yes, surely Guru is required to make a true spiritual progress.
We have been having Gurus since our birth.
Mother, Father, School Teachers, College Professors, Senior Colleagues... all of them have been our Guru to let us learn the things needed to progress in the physical world, because they all were experienced in things which we wanted to learn.
The very principle applies to spiritual journey.

Wish you both a very happy marriage and lots of love and harmony :)
God bless you!


I am from India and I've been initiated by Babaji and my wife doesn't believe in the RSSB philosophy and I am all happy with it. I never ask her to attend discourses with me.

…. According to the teachings of Maharaj Charan Singh the purpose of the Satsangi is two fold, First, to help ourselves on the path and Second, to help others to come on the path, so sooner or later in a satsangi family, a non-satsangi has to be a satsangi to live a peaceful life, but of course there are always exceptions.

We have been having Gurus since our birth. Mother, Father, School Teachers, College Professors, Senior Colleagues... all of them have been our Guru to let us learn the things needed to progress in the physical world, because they all were experienced in things which we wanted to learn. The very principle applies to spiritual journey.

…. True, but the only difference in learning from other than spiritual gurus is that ultimately in this lifetime, one can complete the teachings and become a teacher, mother, father or college professor, but under the guidance of a spiritual Guru, one can never complete the learning so not permitted to and/or trained enough/ fit enough to practise as a Guru in this lifetime, until and unless he or she is not blessed by the Guru and/or hails from the Gurus family.

this topic is not required ny attention because this is false statement that" RSSB is not true " all RSSb satsangi is knows that their guru is not cheating them m also from rssb community and we know tht this is a contrAversial topic and we dont have to prove anythig to anyone , all the bad things which are wrote above is truly a BULLSHIT.. and does not require.. any kind of attention those people who wrote all the things which reflect bad impression on RSSb they are siply immature and dont know anything about RSSb so its my REQUEST TO EVRYONE IF U DONT BELIVE IN RSSB THEN U DONT HAVE ANY RIGHT TO SAY ANYTHING WHTHER IT IS GOOD OR BAD . AND ALL THE DEVOTEE OF RSSB I.DONT HAVE TO PROVE ANY THING... TO URS because no one in this earth is able to change ur mentality WE JUST HOPE THAT OUR SATGURU WILL give u MATURITY.. (sadhbudhi)

Unkown you are not meditating enough that is why your anger still rages around

Please ask same question to baba ji direct on his face in rssb punjab


I think the slanderers are not here anymore

Concerning moneys :
Look to these beautiful new BIG Satsang Ghars all around the world
I don't think Grinder uses one penny for Himself
and preparing for many souls to come
when the climate starts hurting
Instead of giving Darshan all over the world, . . He could * if He so wanted*,
make fun like the rich of this planet are doing, . . but He takes care of His sheep all the time

For myself and my wife, we don't need such arguments because we both
see Gurinder IN & OUT with a giant Halo of lights around Him
what we were used to with beautiful Charan Ji MaharaJI

These Satgurus have all a specific vibration / emanation
andn when CharanJI was like a Super Charismatic King

Gurinder emanates just PURENESS and HONESTY like as if HE never did a sin :-)



Seeing your comment only after so long, thus replying late:

I totally agree to what you said that what Maharaj Charan Singh Ji used to say.
I was a very small kid when He passed away and I did remember visiting Beas on His departure, I love Him so very much.

I also like one of the statement of Maharaj Ji's, as repeated by 777 on various occasions:

"Santmat: Examples works but prescription"

If we would really want someone to know how great The Path is, there has to be a justifiable example being delivered with our love filled behaviour towards everyone and everything.
It can not be crafted, but has to come from within. Mostly comes with tears (of love).

Of course I really like when she does go to Satsang with me especially whenever it's Babaji's Satsang. But what I meant with "I am all happy with it" was that even if at anytime she decides not to go, I don't feel otherwise.

oh yes, I agree anyone can become a guru of a worldly activity by practice but this doesn't stand exactly true for the Spiritual Path.
I believe the True Masters are the beings belonging to the highest realms,
and in a lifetime if a disciple even be able to reach Astral, it'd just be marvellous.


Thanks so much for sharing your such awesome inner experiences from time to time.
These all your comments are such invaluable precious assets for many struggling kids on The Path.
And thanks Brian for making it possible to have all this amazing content in the form of posts/comments from so many authors being always available to millions of readers.

Lots and lots of love to all of you.
may the Master showers HIS "Amazing Grace" on every single being!

to @unknown: It is not a matter that a Shish has a Guru and should not go to temple as stated by Mr unknown. Your knowledge is very little if sargun is ther than nirgun is there without sargun nirgun cannot be and without nirgun sargun can't be. Actually the knowledge of RSSB is limited upto a level (KAAL only).

Hey haters listen !
Are you giving poor free food ? Free medical checkups ? Are you giving poor free medical checkups ? He is holding big shares thats all you ? Right , he has donated all his wealth to the trust.If you can't believe in things stop criticising... He ask people not to eat non veg not to involve in wrong deeds and non alcoholism , is that wrong ? Haters ! Get well soon....you people cant even serve a single perrson he serves thousand !

Check the link for top 10 richest Indian http://www.constructionweekonline.com/article-9224-top-10-richest-indians-in-the-gcc/10/

It is called safed jhooth. It is being done at the end of own people not for other. Go Amarnath Yatra and see what is medical camp, what is free langers and seva.

It's totally money laundering place .I know the
Person who is dealing with purchase
Of land for Dera ,he is now millionaire ,travelling
In Mercedes ,personally he was belonging to
Middle class family now enjoying the luxurious
Status ,building nd selling flats nearby Dera in Rayya
.He is purchasing lands for Dera nd no doubt
Making money for him Olso. Nobody dare to
Rise ques against his people because

Yes we r the Haters !! But we r criticising
The working management f Dera ,have u
Ever been to someone's home in Dera
Those people r not even allowing
Common sangat to sit in their cars upto parking
For sat sang . Wt they r learning and putting
Impression on us.
I hv Olso taken naamdaan nd saw soo many satsngis
Ruining the name f Baba G.
Real haters than these criticisers ??

First of all if you are that open, please stop "moderating" people's comments, what are you afraid of? Anyways, I am sure you have your story to what you do and why. I find this old article fascinating and written with less than critical facts. Here are some facts for you:

1) Malvinder was son of Parvinder singh, who was CEO of Ranbaxy and a son of the founder of Bhai Mohan Sing, a money lender who cam from Pakistan to India. He made a fortune and passed on the wealth down his family line that made Malvinder rich, and it wasn't his connection to Radha soami guru, there was no cheque written o Malvir by the Radha soami guru.

2) About Guru's son, please check the resume and experience and current position of Gurpreet Dhillon, he is the son of beas guru. He has secured a place and position for himself as a CEO of the Religare company. How many CEO's do you know who make good salary and have investments in place.

Yes, Gurpreet and Malvir are second cousins, do you know any one else who are cousins and have some common business interests?

Do you have any trail showing donation money from Radha Soami organization made it's way to Malvir or Gurpreet? If not, rest is all commentary and guru hasn't used a single dollar from his disciples donations for any personal gain for himself or his family.

Next time, plea post the context, details and facts together, rather than twisting facts from your own lens only!!

Radha soami guru is paying for 3 hospitals and for centres all over the world.maybe small charities that you hold God did not want to go worldwide if the Lord wanted you to be feeding millions,treating millions in hospitals like Radha soami. Radha soami been Growing for last 150 years. The Lord must be happy because atleast the master is helping people with the correct teachings of life as well as helping the poor in India. Are you jealous because unlike otha religions in India Radha soami has progressed. Every religion needs money and looks like millions of people are benefiting from money for once. We don't have gold domes like Catholic and Sikh temples so looks like the Lord is happy for Radha soami to grow. Without money these days u can't live and Radha soami makes millions live in the will of the Lord thru this money. Who said the king of kings have to live always come and live like begger. It's the lords world we have laws the Babarian days are over so let the gurus live in comfort for once like a lot of the world! The master is helping millions it's unfortunate your charity temple was stolen but the Lord ordained u too lose and not Radha soami because maybe u r insignificant to the world and he is a world changer. Maybe u wud like to pay for all the centres,hospitals and food even non Radha soamis are eating. We feed anyone this is why Radha soami Excells! It's the will of the Lord. Life is fair like u wrote so the masters doing something right in the law of cause and effect.

Raj, wow. This is like watching those two pastors justifying their private jet. Are RSSB here to help poor people or to take us back? If I recall correctly, even in their satsangs they say that saints aren't here to make the world a better place. RSSB don't even need centers, what's the point of expanding when the guru can't even take care of the ones that have been initiated? They are building an empire. New centers are popping up everywhere. Its so goddamned obvious that this is all business related. Can even tell me why out of 7 billion people, god always comes through the same family?

Raj, progressed. Ok. but u know how progressed By destroying the great traditions of Sanatan Panth which is not known the persons like you and the others. What is your charity. A business man cannot be a saint. You don't know even A B C of Sanatan Panth. As stated above by a Sanatan Panthi, your knowledge is upto Kaal Niranjan only and not upto SATPURUSH. For G.Gill, Please note what Kabir says "'ÁMAL AHARI ATMA KABHUN NA PAYE PAR''. Nothing more than it can be stated for you all.

Rssb books even many pages cost still . . 4 $

Is that business ?



Yes 777, even at $1 it's still business. And Brian, have you heard the new news about the Ranbaxy issue? Seems god's not too far-looking when he makes decisions!

Win-win spiritual business, . . Yes
Don't blame Him for the actual heatwave in India !
Or other other's karma
Following orders, He is just doing everything to spread this 'Word' for the willing;
and His Master is in command and gives fore-knowledge only in the interest of Love


hello to everybody here i m trying to get on the path and radashoami seem to be the best instead as i understand this is not a religion i say it again its not a religion im 57 and looked all spiritual things magic also but if this is as promised is the real deal there are two things i want to say rssb is obviously paying and looking after followers, if gurinder has money is his bussines i mean he has no money that he hasnt earned so.......shabd is the best i tell u that

You fail to realize how the church is funded and how it uses the funds, i dont want to blame anyone but truth is it hurts you to think if people start following another way to find god other than church. You are not only ignorant but in a sad state of flux. one who knows does not need beliefs, but i'll leave you to your sad state because you can hardly understand the path of the masters.

You are right in so many ways and knowing so, you are playing into God's hands.
You chase away all those not ready to do the work INSIDE ones self to return to Our Source.
The perfect living Masters all have their ways to filter out those not ready from those most willing to do what it takes to do the spiritual practice. It's all good.

Fear plays a big part in Love...fear of displeasing Whom we love that we should remain separate from the Lover/Beloved.

Gurinder Singh Dhillion is a businessman by his honest means before becoming the Guru of Beas via the Will left to Him. As was the previous Masters skilled in their professions, I don't question this skill. We all possess God giving gifts to impart to the world for the sake of fulfilling our destiny laid out before birth. Like yourself, you have gifts of trying to expose the secret life of One more powerful than yourself only because you haven't reached that level.

Like, Judus in Christ's life, you expose your own fear and weakness, but you are still loved irregardless. For who doesn't possess those traits except perfect spiritual Masters? If the Guru has become independently wealthy, I am grateful for there is a strong need for wealth to be in the hands of generous individuals.

Thankyou for your contribution.

Guru ji is the king of whole world. He can do anything. You are talking about money he can create or destruct worlds. You are just a soul who has lost his path and i just suggest you to reflect why you are born, what are you doing and when you die no anyone can help you. So it is your choice to choose if you want god or not.

Riti i think you need to meditate cause you dont.

A sadguru cannot be a destruct-or. Provided that he has the power of Sadguru and full knowledge up to Satya Purush, Satlok or above and not only upto Kaal Niranjan.

Hey Brian,
Just wondering why u started this blog?

Dear bloggers it is nice thatu r concerned. It is our sheer compulsion that we have to follow a guru as advised in whole religious text of India. Our main guidance comes from Guru Granth Sahib. At no point any of the limits and conditions of any Indian spiritual Text is violated by RSSB Gurus. Those who do not work hard or are not good students become drop outs and blame it on teachers. In past other gurus also had huge wealth. Would you like hard up Guru. Spiritual text says guru is the human reincarnation of God so wish the God to be extremely poor and you want to be supper rich. God bless you.

Our main guidance comes from Guru Granth Sahib. At no point any of the limits and conditions of any Indian spiritual Text is violated by RSSB Gurus.

strange bhuria jj. What is being stated their (BEAS) " VED AND SHASHTRA ARE FALSE". Ramayan and Geeta ji is false. Murti pooja is false. (Although God is every where but not in Murti as taught there).
Ram and Karishna were false although they sing the bhajans of Meera ji in a taught sweet manner to attract innocent people. All is false but what is stated by Huzur Seth Shiv Dyal ji is correct who as per RSSB book version had always using Tobacco throughout his life which is an amal and what is stated above

www.radhasoamimatrimony.com Only For Radha Soami Bride & Groom Please Note:This community has no connection with RSSB.The only purpose of this community is to create a place wherein Radha Soami family's can find suitable match for there children's. We are not supposed to use it for any other reason.Not even to discuss satsang or teachings of RSSB Powered by : The Navbharat Group

Hey dear....whomsoever written this article....
For once i agree with you that rssb is fraud and nothing else. .
Then please you tell m the right way to love god and feel god and the way how i can see the god.....
Reply must

Dear Ankur search a SATGURU having full knowledge of this universe. How to get moksh from this universe and then how to go to upper loks SAT LOK OR ABOVE. Such Satguru are available in Sanatan Dharm with whom these RSSB hate.

What does your churches make ?? ahhh... it pays to be a pope

Sir, the churches are better than you who respect their religion. Think where you stand Mr aruka please.

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